Regular papers

  • Georgios Argyris, Alberto Lluch Lafuente, Mirco Tribastone, Max Tschaikowski and Andrea Vandin. Reducing Boolean Networks with Backward Boolean Equivalence
  • Ashutosh Gupta, Ansuman Biswas, Mukund Thattai and Missula Meghana. Automated inference of production rules for glycans
  • Laetitia Gibart, Hélène Collavizza and Jean-Paul Comet. Greening R. Thomas’ Framework with Environment Variables: a Divide and Conquer Approach
  • Candan Çelik, Pavol Bokes and Abhyudai Singh. Protein noise and distribution in a two-stage gene-expression model extended by an mRNA inactivation loop
  • Mathieu Hemery, François Fages and Sylvain Soliman. Compiling Elementary Mathematical Functions into Finite Chemical Reaction Networks via a Polynomialization Algorithm for ODEs
  • Baptiste Turpin, Eline Bijman, Hans-Michael Kaltenbach and Jörg Stelling. Population design for synthetic gene circuits
  • Axel Theorell and Jörg Stelling. Microbial Community Decision Making Models in Batchand Chemostat Cultures
  • Tom Warnke and Adelinde Uhrmacher. Nonlinear pattern matching in rule-based modeling languages
  • Kerian Thuillier, Caroline Baroukh, Alexander Bockmayr, Ludovic Cottret, Loïc Paulevé and Anne Siegel. Learning Boolean controls in regulated metabolic networks: a case-study
  • Francesca Cairoli, Ginevra Carbone and Luca Bortolussi. Abstraction of Markov Population Dynamics via Generative Adversarial Nets
  • Gleb Pogudin and Xingjian Zhang. Interpretable exact linear reductions via positivity
  • Misbah Razzaq, Louisa Goumidi, Maria-Jesus Iglesias, Gaëlle Munsch, Maria Bruzelius, Manal Ibrahim-Kosta, Lynn Butler, Jacob Odeberg, Pierre-Emmanuel Morange and David Alexandre Tregouet. Explainable artificial neural network for recurrent venous thromboembolism based on plasma proteomics
  • Mathilde Sautreuil, Sarah Lemler and Paul-Henry Cournède. Neural networks to predict survival from RNA-seq data in oncology.

Tool papers

  • Marion Buffard, Aurélien Desoeuvres, Aurélien Naldi, Clément Requilé, Andrei Zinovyev and Ovidiu Radulescu. LNetReduce: tool for reducing linear dynamic networks with separated time scales
  • Gaurav Saxena, Miguel Ponce de Leon, Arnau Montagud, David Vicente Dorca and Alfonso Valencia. BioFVM-X: An MPI+OpenMP 3-D Simulator for Biological Systems
  • Ilia Ilmer, Alexey Ovchinnikov and Gleb Pogudin. Web-based Structural Identifiability Analyzer
  • David Doty and Eric Severson. ppsim: A software package for efficiently simulating and visualizing population protocols
  • Nikola Benes, Lubos Brim, Samuel Pastva and David Šafránek. Aeon 2021: Bifurcation Decision Trees in Boolean Networks

Presentation only

  • Arnaud Belcour, Clémence Frioux, Méziane Aite, Anthony Bretaudeau, Falk Hildebrand and Anne Siegel. Metabolic complementarity applied to the screening of microbiota and the identification of key species
  • Alberto Zenere, Olof Rundquist, Mika Gustafsson and Claudio Altafini. Investigating coherence in multi-omics elementary gene regulatory network motifs
  • Tomislav Plesa. Integral feedback in synthetic biology: Negative-equilibrium catastrophe
  • Apostolos Chalkis, Vissarion Fisikopoulos, Elias Tsigaridas and Haris Zafeiropoulos. A new geometric algorithm for sampling the flux space of metabolic networks